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How to Get A Great Domain from The Domain Ally Team

Our vision is for you to get the best possible domain for your particular needs and have come up with a couple of different processes that work very well and is also simple so that you don’t get lost in a myriad of steps and an otherwise confusing process.

We have set up the two process so you can choose which one works best for you:

Process 1

1) The initial thing you want to do is to check out our showroom and click on the category that seems to suit you best.  Although the domains are in general categories, you may find one suitable in another category so feel free to browse the currently available domains in our inventory.  You may be surprised to find one that was not where you initially looked or thought to look.

2) Once you find a domain or a few domains, hit us up on Skype or via this form so that we can make sure that the background of the domain is exactly what fits you best.  We will take a look at the domain and give you some specific advice as to those particular domains to make 100% sure that these will fit the profile that you are looking to build upon.

3) Once you are completely satisfied that the domain(s) are what you are looking for, we will send you a payment link so that you can pay securely.  We do not collect credit card numbers or save any kind of passwords on any of our payment options so that you are protected on one more level as the payment processor (2Checkout or PayPal) handles all of that for us.

4) From there, simply make the payment, shoot us a quick Skype message or email with your Namecheap username (and authorization code if you have that set up as such) and we’ll push them to your account so you can use them for your Private Blog Network (PBN), your own site or whatever purpose they will have for you.

Process 2

The other option to get domains from Domain Ally is a little different.  If you want to go that way just follow the steps below.

1) First send us as much information as to what you are looking for so that we can hand pick some domains for you.  We may or may not have what you are looking for in inventory so there is a chance we would have to scrape them for you which we are glad to do.

2) We will send you a payment link and once the payment is made you will receive a list of the domain statistics.  The number of backlinks, the authority backlinks, previous use and the like will all be in there for you.

3) You will then make a choice from that list of the domains you want and, at the same time, give us your Namecheap username and authorization code if you use that in there, and we will push them to your account.

Either way works for us and we have the two options so that you have a choice and feel comfortable in the process.  Part of our goal is to operate in a way that is best for you and to get you the best possible domains in the easiest way possible.

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